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Florida Umbrella Insurance coverage
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Umbrella Insurance in Florida

Extend your Insurance Limits

States, like Florida, and lenders require a certain amount of liability coverage be carried on automobiles, motorcycles, and homes. While you carry this insurance, you should discuss also including an umbrella policy with your agent at Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc. We serve clients in the Deerfield Beach, FL area, so we understand the hazards that residents face every day. An umbrella policy is a secondary liability policy that protects you when the limits of the primary coverage are exhausted.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Simply put, in today’s litigious world, if someone is injured in an accident whether it is on your property or a car collision, and you are deemed to be the at-fault party, you are liable for their medical bills, rehabilitation treatments, and lost wages. If they decide to sue, then there will be legal bills to handle. Medical bills and legal fees mount up and rapidly exhaust the legally mandated liability coverage. This is when an umbrella policy kicks in. An umbrella policy provides an extra layer of liability coverage beyond the primary insurance. If you are deemed liable for an accident, this additional coverage can mean financial survival.

While you may not want to spend additional funds for more insurance coverage, this is a type of policy that you really should investigate with your agent. The premium for an umbrella policy will vary according to the amount of coverage you would like. However, it is economical in the long run. For a modest investment, you will be able to carry a significant amount of coverage. Your agent can discuss the details and the amount of coverage that is most appropriate for your situation. If you don’t currently have a significant amount of assets that you want to protect, don’t think that the courts won’t award funds to the injured party. They can garnish your future wages.

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