Different Types of Commercial Insurance

There are a lot of different commercial insurance types in Deerfield Beach, FL that you may want to consider for your business. An agent at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. can help you find the right one for your business.

Business Liability: This insurance, also known as a general business liability, can protect your business if you are sued by a third party. The policy covers legal fees as well as any damages. There are different types of liability insurance policies depending on your business type.

Workers Compensation: This insurance can be mandatory for having a certain number of employees and will pay for any medical care or replacement wages for employees who are injured while on the job. If an employee dies, this insurance can also provide money to the family.

Property Insurance: Property insurance will cover disasters such as theft and fire. It doesn’t just insure the actual building, but the equipment in the building as well. This type of insurance is important if your business depends on having a physical location.

Commercial Auto Insurance: If you have cars that are owned by your business, then you need this type of coverage. If you are using a personal car, then some auto insurance companies can exclude coverage for an accident if the car is used for business, so you may want to switch to a business auto insurance policy.

Business Income Insurance: This insurance can help cover bills and costs if your business has to close temporarily for a covered disaster.

Business Interruption Insurance: This insurance is similar to business income insurance and can pay for lost income and help you keep your business afloat if you need to close for a short time period.

Cyber Liability Insurance: This insurance can protect your business from damages that are related to data breaches, electronic data, computer systems, and computer attacks.

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