How to Know if You Have Enough Home Insurance

You know home insurance is essential, but you may not know if you have enough coverage. We offer homeowner’s insurance policies at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Dwelling or Structures Coverage

The first component of your homeowner’s policy is dwelling or structure coverage. Structures include the structure of your home, including your floors, walls, roof, and built-in appliances. It also covers any other buildings on your property. 

Your dwelling coverage should be enough to rebuild your home or purchase a similar home. This considers the cost of building a home in the area and the size of your home. 

You may need to update this coverage if you’ve remodeled or added to your home. 

Personal Property Coverage 

Personal property coverage covers your property and belongings. This includes larger items like your furniture and electronic devices and smaller items like clothing and bedding. 

Personal property coverage can be adjusted based on your needs. If you have items that are very valuable, like art or fine jewelry, you may need a separate rider for these items. 

Liability Coverage 

The last type of coverage you’ll need to consider is liability coverage. If someone is injured on your property, liability coverage will cover the legal and medical expenses. 

You may need extra liability coverage if you are at a higher liability risk. Pools and some pets can increase your risk. Your insurance provider can discuss your risk and help you be sure you have enough coverage. 

Homeowner’s Insurance at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc.

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