Why Choose Full Coverage Auto Insurance

When many clients contact Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. to insure their automobiles, they want to save money. Florida requires auto insurance for each driver, so residents of Deerfield Beach, FL must carry it if they’re avoiding tickets.

Why Full Coverage?

You may request a quote for the minimum state insurance coverage, but invariably, we include an option that offers you a quote for full coverage. We don’t do this to try to oversell you, but because most of our customers ask for what will save them the most money. That’s full coverage in most cases.

Now, we don’t mean that the premiums would cost the cheapest. It saves you the most in the long run because it covers everything.

Florida’s weather regularly damages vehicles with hail, high winds that blow debris into the vehicles, and flash floods. Single car accidents can wreak major damage on a car, truck, or SUV, but minimum coverage doesn’t pay for that. Neither does it pay for a deer that hits your vehicle.

The Problem with Minimum Coverage

Minimum coverage only looks out for the other drivers’ vehicles. You must pay for any damage your vehicle incurs out of pocket as long as you caused the accident.

Carrying full coverage means that besides the required liability and property damage, your policy includes comprehensive, collision, roadside assistance, and vehicle rental coverages. Regardless of who causes the accident, your insurance will cover the damage. If your vehicle gets stolen, your full coverage policy covers that, too.

If you drive a used car with a value of $1,000 or less, you could probably replace it with a similar vehicle without insurance. However, if you drive a new car, you must pay off the auto loan and purchase a new one. That costs more than $20,000 out of pocket, making full coverage auto from Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. a bargain. Contact our office serving Deerfield Beach, FL today.