Five Benefits of Commercial Insurance for Deerfield Beach Business Owners

Running a business in Florida comes along with its potential share of risks. These risks extend to customers, employees, and vendors who visit your property.

Five Benefits of Commercial Insurance for Business Owners

Benefit #1. Building Coverage and Property Protection

Owning and operating a business means owners must protect their financial investments at all costs. The best way to cover your business interests is to get comprehensive business insurance that covers various potential perils. 

Benefit #2. Legal Liability Coverage for Business Owners

Get comprehensive business insurance at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. to protect yourself from legal liability claims and financial clearing from on-the-job or on-premises injuries.

Benefit #3. Protect Your Business from Shutdowns

Perils like natural disasters, floods, fires, theft, and vandalism can cause temporary business shutdowns that drastically affect your bottom line. Business insurance with interruption protection can help shield your bottom line from financial losses. 

Benefit #4. Provide Security for Your Employees 

Taking good care of employees is a top priority for many local business owners. Commercial insurance with workers’ compensation provisions can help protect employees who experience on-the-job injuries or unexpected illnesses that can affect their finances. 

Benefit #5. Breathe Easier with Comprehensive Coverage

The most important benefit of commercial insurance is their peace of mind from knowing that their business properties, inventory, assets, vehicles, and employees are protected from unexpected perils. 

Join the ranks of Florida’s financially savvy business owners and start a comprehensive commercial insurance policy.

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Is Commercial Insurance Required for Your Florida Business?

Our agents at the Deboo Insurance Agency Inc., serving the Deerfield Beach, FL area, are stressing the importance of having commercial insurance if you are a business owner in Florida. While commercial insurance is not required under Florida law except for worker’s compensation and auto liability insurance, you should have a policy to protect the investment of time, money, and hard work you have put into your business.

Commercial Insurance Required in Florida

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Florida, businesses with four or more full-time or part-time employees are required by law to provide workers’ compensation coverage. This type of insurance compensates employees for medical expenses and lost wages if injured on the job.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business uses vehicles for any purpose, such as for deliveries or employee transportation, you must have at least a minimum amount of commercial auto insurance in case an accident occurs, which you are liable for.

Other Important Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

General Liability Insurance

This is the most important piece of commercial insurance since it covers bodily injury and property damage claims that can happen if someone is injured at your business or injured due to a product you produce.

Property Insurance

If you own the building your business is housed in, you will want property insurance to protect it if a hurricane or some other weather event occurs. This type of policy will also help you cover the costs of your inventory and equipment that can be lost due to a natural disaster, vandalism, fire, or robbery.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions insurance and covers legal expenses and damages if your business is sued for professional mistakes or negligence.

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Protect Your Equipment With a Comprehensive Commercial Policy

If you own or manage a business in the Deerfield Beach, FL area, carrying a comprehensive commercial policy is essential. The Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. team is here to help you protect the property and equipment associated with your local business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about the many advantages that come with upgrading to a comprehensive commercial policy.

Commercial Equipment Requires Significant Capital Investment

Owning a business requires a lot of financial investment, and protecting your assets is important. Equipment, whether heavy machinery or technological devices, often requires significant capital investment. Even as the value of your equipment depreciates, you still need to protect it at the replacement value. Your local insurance agent can help you determine which policy can best meet your needs, including the protection of your equipment and other capital investments. Now is an ideal time to consider upgrading your policy to one that provides more robust coverage. 

A Comprehensive Commercial Policy Provides Peace of Mind

Owning and operating a business requires a lot of hard work. Once your business is established, the work doesn’t slow down. In fact, for many business owners, the stress really begins once their companies are in growth mode. This means that any tool that can help make the business run more efficiently is welcome. Your commercial policy’s protection will offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the coverage your company needs. 

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Keep Your Business Protected from Financial Harm with Commercial Insurance

If you’re a new Florida business owner, you already know that starting and running a business can be challenging. Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL can help! 

Keep Your Business Protected with Commercial Insurance in Florida

Commercial insurance can help Florida business owners avoid being stuck in a financial bind when unexpected business shutdowns, natural disasters, or theft happen. 

Most commercial insurance policies are affordable and can even be bundled with existing policies. 

Commercial Insurance Policy Types

If you’re new to the business world, you probably don’t know that not all business insurance is the same.

Understanding the differences between commercial insurance types is essential to make an informed decision when choosing your policy. 

Below are three examples of commercial insurance coverage for businesses of all sizes to protect their financial assets. 

  • General Liability Insurance: This commercial business insurance safeguards your business finances from lawsuits and damage claims when people are injured due to doing business with you. 
  • Property Insurance: Business owners have more peace of mind knowing their business assets, buildings, equipment, and inventory are protected. 
  • Worker’s Comprehension Insurance: Regardless of the size of your business, having workers comp insurance can help protect your business and provide supplemental income when your employees are injured at work. 

Get Commercial Insurance in Florida 

Don’t wait until the unexpected happens! Be proactive and get business insurance to cover your assets and business property. Some commercial policies offer add-ons to help you protect against theft of intellectual property and cybercrime. 

A knowledgeable insurance agent can answer your questions about commercial insurance and help you choose the best commercial insurance policy for your needs. 

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What commercial insurance can cover in Florida

Commercial insurance can help protect businesses from a variety of potentially disastrous incidents. Commercial coverage often includes property damage, personal injury, legal liability, and other types of damage that could have a severe financial impact on your business. Generally speaking, commercial policies are designed to cover anything that may happen to your business that could result in significant losses or damages. This includes things like theft, vandalism, and fire. It can also have more specialized types of protection, such as product liability coverage or professional indemnity insurance if you provide specific services. In addition, some policies may even offer extra protection for particular types of risk associated with specific industries, such as cyber security threats for technology businesses.

Businesses need to consider the risks they face and the best way to protect themselves. With the right commercial insurance policy from the Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in the Deerfield Beach, FL area, you can rest assured that your business is protected from unexpected events and their associated financial losses. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered should anything happen to your staff or customers while they are on the premises. Investing in a comprehensive plan will ensure that any such incidents don’t harm your bottom line.

No two businesses are alike, so finding an insurance provider who understands your unique needs and can help tailor a policy to fit them is essential. Researching providers and comparing policies could make all the difference in helping you feel confident about protecting what matters most: your livelihood.

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Does commercial insurance cover delays in the supply chain if I can’t meet production requirements?

If you’re a Deerfield Beach, FL business owner, you know that a million things could go wrong on any given day. You work hard to mitigate risks and plan for the unexpected, but sometimes things happen beyond your control. Does your commercial insurance policy cover the loss if you can’t meet production requirements because of a delayed shipment? 

How Does a Supply Chain Delay Impact My Business?

If you’re unable to meet production requirements because of a delayed shipment, it can significantly impact your business. For one thing, you may have to cancel orders or delay shipments to your customers. This can lead to lost revenue and damage to your reputation. In some cases, you may even be liable for breach of contract. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

The first thing to remember is that every policy is different, so it’s important to speak with us to find exactly what’s included in yours. That said, most commercial insurance policies will cover some or all of the following: 

  • Lost revenue due to delayed shipments 
  • The cost of hiring an outside company to meet production requirements 
  • Breach of contract penalties 
  • The cost of expediting shipments 
  • Reputational damage 

Remember that there may be limits on the coverage available, so it’s important to find out what those are before you purchase a policy. 

Does your commercial insurance policy cover the loss if you can’t meet production requirements because of a delayed shipment? In most cases, the answer is yes—but it’s important to check with Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. if you don’t have commercial insurance, now might be the time to call us!

Required Commercial Insurance in Florida

For businesses in Florida, there are certain commercial insurance policies that many businesses are required to have. It’s essential for you to know what these policies are and whether they pertain to your business. When you need commercial insurance, you can call us at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL for more information. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When your business has at least four employees, it is required to have this type of commercial insurance on them. This is the case whether the employees are part-time or full-time. If your business is in the construction industry, having just one employee requires you to have this insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance is there to pay for the medical bills and lost wages of workers who have an accident at work and are injured there. It’s also for workers who develop a work-related illness. This insurance is essential for your business to protect it from liability and from having to pay an enormous amount for medical bills and lost wages during recovery. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your company owns any vehicle, that vehicle must be covered by this policy. There are two types of coverage within these policies that you are required to have. This includes a minimum amount for property damage liability. This pays for the damage to someone else’s vehicle, landscaping, building, etc., damaged during an accident. You are also required to have a minimum amount of personal injury protection in the policy. This pays for your, or your driver’s, medical bills that are required after an accident. Both of these amounts are very small when compared to other states. It’s often best to get more than the minimum required amount to be adequately covered in an accident. 

Cover Your Business

When you want to keep your business operating legally, it’s essential to have the right commercial insurance. Call us at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL to get yours.

Is Commercial Insurance Required in Florida?

Whether your business is in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, or anywhere in between, you’ll need to carry two types of insurance to stay on the right side of state law. The first type, workers’ compensation insurance, is needed for any business with four or more employees and helps pay the medical bills incurred after a workplace injury or illness. If your business is in the construction industry, workers’ compensation insurance is required if you have just one full-time or part-time employee. The second required coverage is commercial auto insurance, which must be purchased for any business-owned vehicle. Florida requires that these vehicles carry at least minimum auto liability coverage to the tune of:

  • $10,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $10,000 personal injury protection

While it is not required, employees who use their personal vehicles for work tasks such as delivery should be covered under a hired and non-owned auto insurance (HNOA) policy. If an employee has an auto accident while working without an HNOA policy, their personal policy will likely deny any subsequent claims, which would leave the employee on the hook for all costs. 

In addition to the required workers’ compensation and commercial auto policies, businesses in Florida may also want to consider the following optional coverage to protect their company better:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Pays the legal fees and other costs associated with a breach of contract and professional negligence.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Covers the customer notification costs, cyber extortion payments, fines, and other fees associated with a cyber attack.
  • Business Owner’s Policy: Combines commercial property and general liability insurance.

At Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL, we can customize a commercial insurance policy that best protects your business. To learn more, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. 

What Commercial Insurance Do I Need for Remote Employees?

These days, more and more people in Deerfield Beach, FL are finding ways to forego the commute and work remotely from home. Worldwide, 16% of companies are fully remote according to one study. Additionally, about 62% of workers between the ages of 22 and 65 work remotely at least part of the time.

This is an arrangement that has proven beneficial to both employers and employees alike. However, for companies now allowing employees to work remotely, it is time to update their commercial insurance policy.

Shifting your business to allow employees to work remotely has legal implications for a company. This creates exposure to risks at a number of different levels. Your current commercial insurance policy may not provide coverage for all of the new concerns that arise from this situation. If you have questions about new risk exposures for remote workers, contact Deboo Insurance Agency Inc.

Insurance Types for Remote Employees

Known risks related to remote employees include commercial crimes, damage to company-owned equipment, employee injuries, and cyber theft. An experienced agent in Deerfield Beach, FL can help you create an insurance package for your business that will offer the necessary protection for your organization, including your remote employees. The most highly recommended coverage types for businesses that have employees working remotely include:

  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

To find out more about these and other types of commercial insurance coverage to protect your business and your remote employees, contact one of the experts at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. We are happy to take the time to explain all of your coverage options to you and help you make the most informed decision on a policy that meets your needs. Do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Does Commercial Insurance Protect Employees?

When you buy a commercial insurance policy, you expect that not only is your business protected, but so are the people who work for you. Commercial insurance protects more than your assets in the case of a catastrophe or disaster. Your employees benefit when you have good insurance.

Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. understands how confusing commercial insurance can be. If you live in Deerfield Beach, FL, here’s what you should know about protecting your employees.

Commercial Auto Coverage Protects Your Employees

If you have commercial insurance, you may extend your policy to the company’s vehicles. If your employees drive company vehicles, you want to know that your vehicles are protected. When your employees are covered behind the wheel, they are protected as well. Plus, your business’s potential losses may be covered.

Commercial Insurance Provides Injury Coverage

Some commercial coverage also includes workers’ compensation. This means that if an employee is injured at your business or on the job, your business is protected and so is your employer.

Commercial Health Coverage Protects Employees

Your employees also benefit when you get a commercial health policy that also encompasses health care. You may face different requirements for health insurance based on your business, so it is a good idea to discuss commercial coverage with an insurance agent to determine what requirements you need to meet and how you can protect your employees.

Get Commercial Insurance for the Most Protection

It is important that you get the best protection for your business, but how do you know what kind of insurance is right for you? Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. can help you understand the requirements and policies available in Deerfield Beach, FL.