When Should I Update My Home Insurance Policy?

If you are like many Deerfield Beach, FL homeowners, you have probably researched for a suitable home insurance policy to protect your home.  Because putting up your home is time and resource-intensive, you need a policy that protects your investment optimally

Purchasing home insurance is one thing, but have you thought about updating your home insurance?  Just like other coverages, home insurance isn’t a policy you buy and forget. Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. advises you to update your policy every year, but you should talk to your insurance agent immediately if the below happens.

Significant renovations

Have you carried out a significant renovation that will affect the value of your home? You need to update your home insurance policy. Because of your renovations, your home is now more expensive to rebuild, and this should be reflected in your home insurance policy. This way, you won’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses (other than deductibles) if your home is damaged.

Home-based business

If you are like many people carrying out their businesses from their homes, you need to update your home insurance. Since typical home insurance doesn’t cover business-related liabilities, you should consider a “home-based business add-on” to protect your business.

Addition of a pet

If you have added a dangerous pet that can bite, you need to update your home insurance. Suppose you have brought home a pet that can inflict injuries. In that case, it means the likelihood of liability claims is high, and that is why you need higher liability coverage from your home insurance.

Buying or selling personal assets

Your home insurance covers items like electronics, clothing, jewelry, and so on. Should there be any additions or disposals, update your home insurance policy to ensure it covers items in your possession.

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