Top reasons to purchase homeowners insurance

As a homeowner in the Deerfield Beach, FL area, it is imperative to have a homeowner’s insurance policy in place. There are many reasons to purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy. Some of those reasons are obvious, and some of them might surprise you. At Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc., we are here to help you understand the benefits of having a comprehensive homeowners’ policy in place. 

It may be a requirement of your loan agreement. 

Since the lender wants to protect the collateral of the home, you will be required to carry a homeowners’ policy as a condition of the loan in most cases. Keep in mind, the loan requirement of the bank is the minimum insurance you should take; you may want to consider carrying a higher limit, especially if you are spending money to upgrade the home. 

Protection from theft 

When most people think of a homeowners’ policy, they visualize protecting the physical structure of the house. However, the policy will also protect your personal property inside the home in the event of a robbery. 

Medical bill coverage 

If someone is hurt on your property, your homeowners’ coverage can help cover their medical bills. When a guest is injured on your property, they will most likely not want to take you to court. However, you will still be able to help pay for the cost of their care through your policy. 

Cost to relocate temporarily

There are events such as a sustained power outage in the neighborhood, which might prevent you from staying in your home. The high cost of temporary relocation can set one back. A homeowners’ policy can help assist with your temporary housing costs. 

If you are interested in learning more about the essential reasons to carry a homeowners’ policy, reach out to us at Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc. today. We proudly serve the Deerfield Beach, FL area.