What’s the Difference Between Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Collision and comprehensive insurance together are often called full coverage insurance. Understanding both options will help keep you financially protected from life’s mishap in Deerfield Beach, FL. At Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. we offer policies for all your auto insurance needs. 

Collision Auto Insurance

Collision auto insurance protects you in the event of an accident that is your fault or no-fault. Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to a collision with another car and a collision with an object like a tree or fence. It also covers rollover accidents where no one else is involved. Generally, if you are involved in an accident that another party isn’t responsible for, collision coverage will pay for the damage to your vehicle. 

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

If collision coverage is for accidents, comprehensive coverage is for everything else. Comprehensive coverage is for damage that doesn’t occur due to an accident while the vehicle is in operation. Examples of damage covered by comprehensive coverage are hail or wind damage, vandalism, and theft. Comprehensive usually covers hitting animals as well, which isn’t typically covered by collision insurance. 

Do You Need Comprehensive and Collision

Both coverages cover your vehicle only. You will still need a liability policy to protect yourself from liability for damages to another party’s property or medical expenses. If you have a lien on your vehicle, your lender will likely require you to have both types of coverage. If you own a newer or valuable vehicle, it’s wise to choose full coverage even though it isn’t required by law, particularly if you don’t have the savings to replace your vehicle in the event of an accident. 

If you need comprehensive and collision coverage in Deerfield Beach, FL, contact us at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. Our friendly agents will help you select the coverage that best suits your insurance needs.