What Types of Liability Must Homeowners Prepare For?

Owning a home includes risks, just like owning a vehicle. In Deerfield Beach, FL residents can call on the agents of Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. if they have concerns about what types of liability they may expect as a homeowner. When home and property are properly cared for, the risk to visitors is minimal. When pets are included in the mix, the risk does increase. Maintaining control of your pets will lower your liability risk and help keep your visitors safe from accidents.

Pet Liability

One of the biggest forms of pet liability is dog bites. When someone visits your home, it is extremely important to keep your pets adequately contained. You can put them in their kennel or let them outside. If you know a pet is not overly friendly to strangers, it is always a good idea to make sure they are put somewhere safe or at least kept on a close leash so they do not have the opportunity to come in contact with your guest.

Accidents Involving Tripping, Slip and Fall, etc.

Slip and fall accidents and tripping over obstacles are two of the most common hazards for a homeowner. If a person is injured while visiting your home, it is your responsibility to pay for their medical expenses and possibly any time they miss from work. It is extremely important that you have sufficient liability coverage included in your homeowner’s policy to prevent financial hardship if a guest is injured.

The agents of Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. are available to discuss homeowner liability risks with the residents who live in or near Deerfield Beach, FL call today so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have enough liability coverage in place.