3 Security Upgrades For Your Car

While enjoying the fun and vibrant atmosphere of Deerfield Beach, FL, we at Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc. encourage our clients to take precautions and protect their property. Below are some security upgrades we recommend keeping your car safe. 

Install a car alarm system

If you have an older car that does not have an updated alarm system, have your dealer install one for you today. They can even upgrade your FOB key to fit only your car, making it much more challenging to break into your car to steal your valuables or steal it. Many will look into the car for the red alarm light and be deterred when they see it. When a thief opens your car, the alarm will sound, and most will leave the scene, afraid of getting caught. 

Use a steering wheel lock

If you have to park your car in a dark place or an area secluded, use a steering wheel lock to keep your vehicle from moving. This lock requires a key to remove and will deter thieves because of the hassle it causes. A quick theft is not easy with these installed. 

Install a tracker

If you have not already done so, you can install a tracker on your car that is hidden from view on the undercarriage. With an app, you can link it to your phone and will be able to track your car should someone successfully steal it from its location. 

Get ultimate security with auto insurance

The best protection you can have on your car in Deerfield Beach, FL is auto insurance. At Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc., you can visit our website and use our online rating tool for your personalized quote, or you can give us a call today to speak with one of our agents.