Are You Going on Vacation? It May Be Time to Update Your Auto Insurance.

At Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc., we want your vacation to be full of fun and safe adventures. Whether you are going on an in-state excursion for the weekend or a cross-nation adventure for an extended period, we encourage you to do an insurance check-up and possible update before you leave. We are proud to serve the people of Deerfield Beach, FL. 

First, check your existing policy to make sure your coverage is what you think you have and what you need for your trip. You may think you have property damage, for example, but only have a personal injury policy with your current coverage. Make sure you have full coverage before a big trip for your best protection. 

Second, ask about the laws of the state you are traveling to or about any insurance that may not carry over. Sometimes, certain types of coverage do not carry beyond state lines. This is rare but possible, so check before your trip to determine if you need to add anything.  

Third, update your roadside assistance or purchase it if you do not have any. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road because you miscalculated where the next gas station would be or due to mechanical problems out of your control. Roadside assistance can keep you stress-free on your trip. 

It is a great idea to make sure your oil has been changed recently, check all of your tires, and address any engine issue that may exist before leaving. Also, be sure to leave with a clean, organized car, your travels will be more relaxed, and you can focus on the road instead of debris within your vehicle. 

Contact us at the Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc. to discuss your travel plans and your auto insurance policy. Our agents in Deerfield Beach, FL will be happy to work with you and build a policy.