Three reasons why your auto insurance policy should include comprehensive coverage

Motorists should understand the importance of having comprehensive coverage as part of their auto insurance policy. If you’re a motorist in Deerfield Beach, FL, and you’re looking for comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, we can assist you at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. 

The following are three reasons your auto insurance policy should include comprehensive coverage. 

Collision coverage will not compensate you for certain types of damage.

Your insurance policy should cover any damage your vehicle could experience so that you can protect your vehicle’s value. If you only have collision coverage, your car could be extensively damaged in an incident that won’t be covered under the terms of your policy. 

Comprehensive coverage can cover you in many situations where your collision coverage won’t cover you. 

Auto damage from incidents involving theft and vandalism is not uncommon. 

The types of auto damage that comprehensive coverage covers tend to be pretty common. Incidents involving vandalism or theft frequently cost motorists a lot of money. These are some of the most frequently occurring auto damage causes that comprehensive insurance covers. 

Lenders will typically require comprehensive coverage for those who take out auto loans. 

Many motorists purchase their vehicles by taking out an auto loan. Lenders require borrowers who take out auto loans to insure their vehicles. Lenders will typically require borrowers to buy not only collision coverage but comprehensive coverage to cover any damage to their vehicle. 

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