What Is Covered And Not Covered By Home Insurance?

Purchasing a new home is one of life’s significant decision-making moments. It’s probably your most substantial investment, so it’s crucial to ensure that it’s fully protected and properly covered. In this blog post, we’ll explore what standard homeowners insurance covers and what it doesn’t.

What doesn’t Home Insurance Cover?

A typical home insurance policy provides coverage for various elements, including:

  • Your home’s structure: If your home is damaged or destroyed by a storm, fire, or other unplanned events, your home insurance likely steps in to cover it. Structures on your property, such as a garage, tool shed, and gazebo, are usually covered too.
  • Personal belongings: Your home insurance should also cover your personal items, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and other possessions. Additional endorsements may be necessary for valuable items.
  • Liability coverage: Your homeowners’ policy also shields you against lawsuits associated with property damage or bodily injury that you, as the policyholder, cause to others.

What Coverage Doesn’t  HomeInsurance Provide?

Please note that your home insurance policy will probably not cover certain things. Here are a few you should be aware of:

  • Business assets and equipment
  • Valuable and antique items, unless added to your policy via a special endorsement
  • Identity theft, though some home insurance policies do cover this, it’s not essential
  • Damage resulting from floods typically requires a separate policy

Before purchasing home insurance, inquire about what your policy will and will not cover. Remember, coverage can depend on several factors, including your location, home type, and more.

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The Impact of Car Modifications on Insurance Premiums

Understanding the Impact of Car Modifications on Insurance Premiums in Deerfield Beach, FL

Car modifications can significantly affect your insurance premiums. Deboo Insurance Agency Inc., serving the greater Deerfield Beach, FL area, is committed to helping you understand the intricacies involved. Here are some vital elements to consider:

Risk Assessment

Insurance companies calculate risk based on multiple factors, including modifications. High-performance enhancements or changes impacting safety could result in higher premiums due to the increased risks associated with these modifications.

Increased Value

Customizations ranging from upgraded engines to aftermarket parts can increase the value of your car. Therefore, you may need additional coverage to safeguard these enhancements adequately.

Specialized Coverage

Certain modifications, like lift kits or custom paint jobs, may require specialized coverage to ensure they are fully insured in the event of an accident or theft.


Preserving a detailed record of any modifications you make to your vehicle is crucial. This documentation is critical during discussions about potential coverage options with your insurance agent.

Policy Adjustments

Your existing coverage may not provide enough protection for extensive modifications. You may need to adjust your policy to prevent being underinsured. An insurance agent can help you determine the right level of coverage to meet your needs.

Premium Considerations

Not all modifications will significantly increase your premiums, but some might. Understanding how each alteration impacts your insurance cost is essential.

Safety Features

On the other hand, certain modifications like anti-theft devices or advanced safety features can even reduce your premiums by minimizing the risks of theft or accidents.

To guarantee you have the correct coverage for your car, it’s essential to understand the impact of car modifications on insurance premiums. For expert advice and tailored insurance solutions in the larger Deerfield Beach, FL area, contact Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. today.

Five Benefits of Commercial Insurance for Deerfield Beach Business Owners

Running a business in Florida comes along with its potential share of risks. These risks extend to customers, employees, and vendors who visit your property.

Five Benefits of Commercial Insurance for Business Owners

Benefit #1. Building Coverage and Property Protection

Owning and operating a business means owners must protect their financial investments at all costs. The best way to cover your business interests is to get comprehensive business insurance that covers various potential perils. 

Benefit #2. Legal Liability Coverage for Business Owners

Get comprehensive business insurance at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. to protect yourself from legal liability claims and financial clearing from on-the-job or on-premises injuries.

Benefit #3. Protect Your Business from Shutdowns

Perils like natural disasters, floods, fires, theft, and vandalism can cause temporary business shutdowns that drastically affect your bottom line. Business insurance with interruption protection can help shield your bottom line from financial losses. 

Benefit #4. Provide Security for Your Employees 

Taking good care of employees is a top priority for many local business owners. Commercial insurance with workers’ compensation provisions can help protect employees who experience on-the-job injuries or unexpected illnesses that can affect their finances. 

Benefit #5. Breathe Easier with Comprehensive Coverage

The most important benefit of commercial insurance is their peace of mind from knowing that their business properties, inventory, assets, vehicles, and employees are protected from unexpected perils. 

Join the ranks of Florida’s financially savvy business owners and start a comprehensive commercial insurance policy.

Contact a licensed insurance agent at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL, to learn about your options for coverage and get a free quote today! 

Buying Your First House? Here’s What to Know About Getting Homeowners Insurance

When buying a home, there’s a lot to think about. Getting homeowners insurance is just one of the many things you’ll need to do before signing those loan papers. At Deboo Insurance Agency Inc., we provide homeowners insurance for customers in the Deerfield Beach, FL area. If you’ve never owned a home before, this is what you’ll need to know about buying homeowners insurance before buying your house. 

Homeowners insurance is required if you’re getting a mortgage.

Mortgage lenders require homeowners insurance to protect their investments while waiting for you to repay your loan. Once you’ve paid back the loan on your house, you may decide not to have insurance anymore – although you will probably want the security that comes from homeowners insurance.  

You’ll enjoy peace of mind.

Homeowners insurance brings you peace of mind, which you’ll discover the first time a big storm blows through your community or the first time that something goes wrong with your home’s electrical system. You won’t have to worry about whether you can afford to repair your home because your insurance company will repair your home when covered events occur. 

You’ll protect your investment.

Your home is a great investment. If something were to happen to it, you would lose a great deal of money. With homeowners insurance, you’ll be able to protect your investment and avoid loss of money when a covered event occurs. 

Want to know more about homeowners insurance in and around Deerfield Beach, FL? Call Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. Our knowledgeable insurance agents can help you get the insurance you need to protect your home.

Three Ways Auto Insurance Companies in Deerfield Beach, FL Assess Your Risk Factors

When Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. and other insurance companies take on new clients in Deerfield Beach, FL, we must look at the risk factors to make a fair decision. Understand that many of the risk factors aren’t set in stone, and you can do a lot to mitigate them yourself. Here is a look at how auto insurance companies assess risk.

1. Your Driving Record and History

If you have accidents, especially at-fault accidents, traffic violations, previous claims, or other related incidents on your record, insurance companies will see more risk associated with insuring you.

A clean record works best, but some violations or past accidents don’t automatically mean you’ll have to pay more for auto insurance. You can mitigate this all to some extent by avoiding any new incidents for a length of time since the last incident.

2. Your Credit Score

Credit isn’t always a major risk factor but can affect the overall risk assessment. Improving credit and striving to maintain a good credit score helps. Remember that, for insurance companies, your credit score represents a look at your level of financial responsibility.

You don’t need excellent credit. You only need to show you don’t have a current history of not paying debts.

3. Your Vehicle

Vehicle types do affect risk assessments and insurance rates. Is the vehicle you want insurance on:

  • Expensive to repair or replace?
  • A high target for theft?
  • Innately unsafe?

Luxury, sports, and unique vehicles can come with more risk. However, this also applies to any car that frequently falls victim to theft or damage.

Insuring a car with high safety ratings, fuel efficiency, and low theft rates can help. Otherwise, you should seek to add safety features to the vehicle you plan to insure to lower some of its risk factors.

Other risk factors can also come into play, such as your location or the vehicle’s location. Not all insurance companies assess risk the same way. If you want to know more about mitigating risk factors for auto insurance in Deerfield Beach, FL, contact Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. today.

Is Commercial Insurance Required for Your Florida Business?

Our agents at the Deboo Insurance Agency Inc., serving the Deerfield Beach, FL area, are stressing the importance of having commercial insurance if you are a business owner in Florida. While commercial insurance is not required under Florida law except for worker’s compensation and auto liability insurance, you should have a policy to protect the investment of time, money, and hard work you have put into your business.

Commercial Insurance Required in Florida

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Florida, businesses with four or more full-time or part-time employees are required by law to provide workers’ compensation coverage. This type of insurance compensates employees for medical expenses and lost wages if injured on the job.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business uses vehicles for any purpose, such as for deliveries or employee transportation, you must have at least a minimum amount of commercial auto insurance in case an accident occurs, which you are liable for.

Other Important Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

General Liability Insurance

This is the most important piece of commercial insurance since it covers bodily injury and property damage claims that can happen if someone is injured at your business or injured due to a product you produce.

Property Insurance

If you own the building your business is housed in, you will want property insurance to protect it if a hurricane or some other weather event occurs. This type of policy will also help you cover the costs of your inventory and equipment that can be lost due to a natural disaster, vandalism, fire, or robbery.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions insurance and covers legal expenses and damages if your business is sued for professional mistakes or negligence.

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How to Know if You Have Enough Home Insurance

You know home insurance is essential, but you may not know if you have enough coverage. We offer homeowner’s insurance policies at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Dwelling or Structures Coverage

The first component of your homeowner’s policy is dwelling or structure coverage. Structures include the structure of your home, including your floors, walls, roof, and built-in appliances. It also covers any other buildings on your property. 

Your dwelling coverage should be enough to rebuild your home or purchase a similar home. This considers the cost of building a home in the area and the size of your home. 

You may need to update this coverage if you’ve remodeled or added to your home. 

Personal Property Coverage 

Personal property coverage covers your property and belongings. This includes larger items like your furniture and electronic devices and smaller items like clothing and bedding. 

Personal property coverage can be adjusted based on your needs. If you have items that are very valuable, like art or fine jewelry, you may need a separate rider for these items. 

Liability Coverage 

The last type of coverage you’ll need to consider is liability coverage. If someone is injured on your property, liability coverage will cover the legal and medical expenses. 

You may need extra liability coverage if you are at a higher liability risk. Pools and some pets can increase your risk. Your insurance provider can discuss your risk and help you be sure you have enough coverage. 

Homeowner’s Insurance at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc.

If you need homeowner’s insurance, or you are wondering if you need a new policy in Deerfield Beach, FL, contact us at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. Our knowledgeable agents will discuss your insurance needs and help you select the best policy for your needs. 

Should I downgrade to liability insurance instead of full coverage auto insurance?

Many car owners sigh in relief once they finish paying off their car loans. The financial sacrifice made over extended periods is finally over. Often, car owners will shift their attention to the car insurance they’ve invested in and wonder how much they need. The Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. team knows car owners question how much insurance they need. As a result, we’re here to eliminate some confusion for Deerfield Beach, FL drivers and help them explore their insurance options. 

Should I downgrade to liability instead of full coverage auto insurance after paying off my car?

If you own a late-model car, the expense of paying for damage to your car is likely high. For this reason, full coverage auto insurance is probably worth keeping. Liability coverage won’t cover your vehicle, only the parties that aren’t at fault in a car accident. This means your vehicle would be left untouched if damaged in a car accident. Also, the cost of your insurance is probably far less than the value of your car, making your insurance a wise "money-saving" investment.

However, many car owners question whether or not they need to continue to carry full coverage auto insurance once they’ve paid off their car loans. If you couldn’t afford to pay for the repair or replacement of your car out of pocket, full coverage auto insurance is probably still a wise investment. As your car ages and its value declines, you can reconsider full coverage auto insurance once the cost of car insurance exceeds your car’s value. If you have questions about insurance coverage, call us. We’re standing by. 

Protect Your Equipment With a Comprehensive Commercial Policy

If you own or manage a business in the Deerfield Beach, FL area, carrying a comprehensive commercial policy is essential. The Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. team is here to help you protect the property and equipment associated with your local business. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about the many advantages that come with upgrading to a comprehensive commercial policy.

Commercial Equipment Requires Significant Capital Investment

Owning a business requires a lot of financial investment, and protecting your assets is important. Equipment, whether heavy machinery or technological devices, often requires significant capital investment. Even as the value of your equipment depreciates, you still need to protect it at the replacement value. Your local insurance agent can help you determine which policy can best meet your needs, including the protection of your equipment and other capital investments. Now is an ideal time to consider upgrading your policy to one that provides more robust coverage. 

A Comprehensive Commercial Policy Provides Peace of Mind

Owning and operating a business requires a lot of hard work. Once your business is established, the work doesn’t slow down. In fact, for many business owners, the stress really begins once their companies are in growth mode. This means that any tool that can help make the business run more efficiently is welcome. Your commercial policy’s protection will offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the coverage your company needs. 

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Four Reasons to Increase Your Home Insurance Coverage this year!

At Deboo Insurance Agency Inc., countless homeowners benefit from increased coverage. While saving a few dollars by opting for the minimum coverage might be tempting, there are several good reasons to consider increasing your protection this year. Here are four of the most compelling arguments.

1. Protect Your Growing Investment

Property values in Deerfield Beach, FL have steadily increased over the past few years. As a result, your home may now be worth significantly more than when you first purchased it. To ensure that your investment is protected, it’s crucial to reevaluate your coverage and adjust it accordingly.

2. Prepare for the Unexpected

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and fires can strike without warning. Even if you’ve been fortunate enough not to experience any of these events in the past, there’s no guarantee that you’ll continue to be so lucky. Increasing your home insurance coverage ensures you’re prepared for whatever nature is planning.

3. Safeguard Your Belongings

In addition to protecting your home’s structure, your insurance policy covers the contents. Updating your coverage to reflect those changes is essential if you’ve acquired new valuables or upgraded your belongings since you first took out your policy. Doing so lets you know that your cherished possessions will be replaced if damaged or stolen.

4. Enjoy Added Liability Protection

Accidents happen! You could be liable for medical expenses and other damages if someone is injured on your property. By increasing your home insurance coverage, you can ensure adequate liability protection. This added coverage can be particularly beneficial if you have a swimming pool, trampoline, or other features that could pose a risk to visitors.

Want to make sure you’re protected? Contact Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. We’re committed to helping our clients in Deerfield Beach, FL find the perfect policy to meet their needs.