How Commercial Insurance in Florida Protects You From Cybersecurity Risks

When you have a business in Florida, commercial insurance can protect you from a number of risks. One of those risks is cyber-attack. A cyber attack on your business could bring your business down long enough to impact your bottom line for a long time.

At Deboo Insurance Agency Inc., we want Deerfield Beach, FL business owners to be protected from financial loss after a cybersecurity incident. We can help you to design a commercial insurance policy that will keep you safe against commercial losses.

What is Cybersecurity Insurance?

Cybersecurity insurance is a kind of commercial insurance that will protect a business against losses caused by cybercrimes. Those crimes can include hacking, malware attacks, ransomware attacks, phishing, and more.

Your cybersecurity insurance will cover your commercial privacy, the data of your organization, and even the network you use. You can have both income and property replaced in the event of a cybersecurity loss.

Cybersecurity Insurance Coverage

Cybersecurity coverage as part of your commercial insurance package will cover lost revenue, lost data, and lost income from your online portals collecting funds.

It can also protect you against financial loss of privacy lawsuits and fines. Cybersecurity insurance can also provide replacement resources if you are the subject of an attack.

We live in a world where the threat of cyberattacks grows every day. Adding cybersecurity protection to your commercial insurance will add peace of mind to your everyday operations.

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When you use networks and data to conduct business, you expose yourself and your commercial work to risks and financial losses. We can’t prevent those attacks from happening, but we can protect you from financial despair.  At Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. we help Deerfield Beach, FL residents feel more secure against cyberattacks with cybersecurity insurance as part of all commercial insurance needs. Call us for a quote today.