How Home Insurance Protects You

It’s exciting when you buy a home, but there’s a lot to do. The first thing we recommend you do is purchase insurance for your new home. Your mortgage lender probably told you they require this insurance to be in place when you buy your home. It’s good to set it up even before your closing appointment begins. When you need home insurance, you can call us at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Protection for Your Home

One of the many types of protection in a home insurance policy is protection for the house. This coverage will go over what kinds of damaging events it will cover you against and which types it won’t. It will cover various events, such as accidents and specific types of disasters. If you don’t have home insurance and your home becomes damaged by one of the covered events, you would be on your own to pay for all the damages and repairs. With home insurance, those repairs will be paid for. 

Protection for Your Things

You have a lot of belongings in your house, and your home insurance covers those as well. When added up, your things have an enormous value, which needs to be protected with a home insurance policy. Damaging events can also destroy your possessions, and your policy will pay for replacing them. Without this coverage, life could be very difficult when you have to pay for everything out of your own pocket. 

Get the Protection of Home Insurance

If you’re buying a home or want to change insurance companies, you need a home insurance policy. Call us at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL.