Three Steps to Insuring Your Florida Home Business

Like any other business, your home-based business needs insurance to protect it against financial loss. Home businesses are just as prone to theft, property damage, liability claims and other losses as a conventional brick and mortar enterprise. Commercial coverage from Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc. in Deerfield Beach, FL will safeguard your home business against risks that can deplete your business assets. Here are some steps you can take to insure your home business.

Identify Your Risks

All businesses face risks and a home-based business is no exception. By identifying your risks, you can take measures to protect your business against them. Depending on the location and type of business you run, you may be at risk of theft, vandalism, property damage or lawsuits due to general, product or professional liability claims. Once you’ve determined your risks, you can counter them with the right commercial insurance coverage.

Decide on Coverage

Commercial insurance offers a wide range of coverage options, enabling you to customize the protection you need. If your business uses office equipment and furniture, property insurance can protect these items against theft, vandalism, fire and other disasters. Property insurance also covers any inventory you’re storing on your property.

If your home-based business receives clients at your house for business purposes, commercial general liability insurance will protect it against accidental injuries that may occur on your property. Product liability protects your business against defective products you produce or sell. Professional liability protects you against claims of negligence in the professional services you provide.

Work with a Reputable Insurer

At Deboo Insurance Agency, Inc., we can help you choose a coverage that’s conducive to your Deerfield Beach, FL business needs. Working with a reputable insurer is key to getting quality commercial coverage for your home business. Call or visit us today for all your commercial insurance needs.