How Auto Insurance Covers You and Your Vehicle 

We have encountered several scenarios of Deerfield Beach, FL drivers visiting our offices at Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. enquiring about auto insurance. An auto insurance policy is an agreement or contract between the insurance provider and you that covers you against losses in an accident. 

Here is how auto insurance covers you and the vehicle. 

Liability protection

If you cause an accident, the auto liability policy on your vehicle insurance coverage aids in paying property damages and bodily injuries up to the policy limit. Besides, auto insurance covers your legal fees if you are sued over the accident.

Compliance with the law

All drivers in Florida must purchase auto insurance. Driving without valid auto insurance runs you the risk of a costly ticket and license and registration suspension. Additionally, if you are at fault, you are required to finance the resulting damages from your pocket. 

Protection of car

We cannot avoid damages to our vehicles in case of an accident. In most cases, the cost of repairing is never cheap and may cause substantial financial losses. By getting an auto insurance cover, you avoid such out-of-pocket expenses since the insurance company will cover a significant percentage of the repairing cost.

Medical payments

Whether it’s minor or severe injuries, you need immediate medical attention following an auto accident. The good news is that an auto insurance policy covers you against medical expenses. This way, you can focus on a quick recovery rather than thinking about finances.

And unlike your health insurance plan, MedPay or PIP coverage in your auto insurance covers partial loss of income, where you can’t resume work due to injuries sustained. 

Get your auto insurance today!

The points mentioned above clearly show the importance of an auto insurance policy. If you are in Deerfield Beach, FL and its environs, secure your vehicle with Deboo Insurance Agency Inc. Contact us today for an affordable quote.